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Help bring young families into your Church with the CLCGB

CLCGB are here to help you set up a new group in your Church

CLCGB provides a lot of support to make it easy for you to set up a new group. We have a dedicated team of development workers supported by leaders from the area around you who can help you to start up and run a CLCGB group. They will help you advertise and organise an introduction night, organise displays by other CLCGB members, help you identify potential leaders and lead them through the starting up of a company.

• We have lots of resources and training courses in place ready to help you.

• There are grants available to get your group off the ground.

• We use social media to engage with young people and get them interested in CLCGB.

The benefits of CLCGB to you and your Church

CLCGB involves young people and their families in positive youth work and activities to engage them with the Church.

• Engage those young people who may not otherwise go to Church to get involved with the Parish and discover what Christianity is about for themselves.

• Get young people involved in activities that benefit their community and Church and develop them as people in their transition from childhood to adulthood.

• CLCGB is linked with the Church and follows the Christian ethos.

“I have been involved with CLCGB since 1969 and have seen how precious it was and what a difference it made in my Parish, All Saints & Martyrs Langley, which had a huge Company. It brings what young people need to young people, it gives them friendship, it gives them fellowship and fun, but it also gives them a discipline...

I am proud of a lot of people CLCGB has produced during my time and if any Priest in any Parish anywhere wants an organisation which is really going to be loyal and faithful to the Church, and is the only Church uniformed youth organisation you can do no better then CLCGB, so I do commend it to you with every Blessing.”

Bishop Jack Nichols

Your Journey Starts Right Here..


CLCGB History

The CLCGB has over 120 years of history.

To find out more about the CLCGB the Historical Group have produced various leaflets to download which can be accessed by clicking the following link: http://www.clcgb.org.uk/documents/historical-group/