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BMS! Reminders

To all CO's and leaders responsible for updating BMS!

As it's coming to that time of the year where we will be sending out the capitation invoices, we would strongly advise you logging into BMS! to check your records are correct.  An email from BMS! will be triggered in the next couple of weeks for you to check your records.

A reminder that all members and leaders require to be logged onto the BMS! database to ensure everyone is insured.

Any questions please contact the BMS! dedicated inbox at


BMS! Company Reports

To all company commanders/users of BMS!

As the capitation fees are due in January NHQ have introduced a new easy to access report within BMS! to check your records are correct.  We would encourage all users of BMS! to access BMS! and look at both the Child Report and Leader Report and verify that all the information is correct.  If these reports are incorrect you will need to amend your records on the system as NHQ will be invoicing on these numbers and reporting on these figures to the insurance company.

To access these reports log into BMS! On the left hand side click on Reports and go across to Child Report or Leader Report (as shown to the left) and it will list all your members or leaders depending on which report you access.

Once you have completed your returns please change the returns completed to Yes.  Any problems please contact the BMS! deidcated mailbox at


BMS! Reminder to update

Just a gentle reminder....

When new members join your company please ensure that these members are registered on BMS! within 4 weeks of starting.  If members are not registered on BMS! they may not be insured if any accident does occur, this protects your company and the organisation.  All members must be registered on BMS! to enter any competitions, camps etc.  

Coming soon.... from autumn we will be introducing new forms for camps and competitions to use, and all you will need is the Brigade Membership Numbers and the forms will self-populate.