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Will I have fun?

Will I try new activities and challenges?
Will I be welcome?

Yes, Yes, Yes, absolutely yes and all with those of a similar age in a safe, well run environment.
All our leaders are vetted, CRB checked and follow the Anglican church ethos.

So try us out, the journey starts here: Find Your Local Group

“It feels nice to be part of a group who help each other and are friendly. It makes me feel special.” 

Maddison, aged 10.

What do the clergy think?

“I have been involved with CLCGB since 1969 and have seen how precious it was and what a difference it made in my Parish, All Saints & Martyrs Langley, which had a huge Company. It brings what young people need to young people, it gives them friendship, it gives them fellowship and fun."

Bishop Jack Nichols

The Benefits of CLCGB To Your Church Are... 


Can I help out or start a group?

Oh Yes! 

CLCGB are here to help you set up a new group in your Church. We support you so it's easy.

Before you know it, you will be the catalyst for young people engaging in activities with the Church and wanting to be there!. 

Or want to volunteer? Thankyou so much! Find out how here.

"Starting a new group was easy with the assistance from the CLCGB, and the activities and resources available to us."

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Zoe Palmer

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Who Am I?

I am Zoe Palmer I live close by NHQ with my daughter Ella.  I started work at NHQ in February 1998 as the Stores Officer and have been here ever since working up to my current title of Headquarters Executive.

What I Bring to the Brigade:

After working at NHQ for the past 15 years I hope I bring something positive to the Brigade! I am always willing to help where I can - be it with Brigade Officers, members or the other NHQ staff.  I like to think I am the friendly voice on the phone that people can rely on. My NHQ Executive title involves me doing the following roles: stores – processing of orders, invoicing, purchasing of stock.  DofE – managing and monitoring of eDofE system, processing of gained awards.  DBS – Distribution and processing of application forms for Brigade members and as an umbrella company to outside groups. Admin – processing of nomination forms and certificates, annual capitation fees and general day to day running of NHQ.

What brought me to the Brigade?

My mum was the cleaner for NHQ when it moved to South Yorkshire from London.  I would sometimes come and help with the dusting!  I then chose to do my Business Studies work experience at NHQ assisting Claire in the stores department.  Upon leaving the 6th form I was offered the role of Stores Officer as Claire was leaving to have a family.  And here I still am!!

What do I enjoy about the Brigade?

The family feel!  We at NHQ are a tight knit little group who work well together and it is a pleasure to come to work.  I enjoy what the Brigade does in getting children and adults together to enjoy fun, faith and fellowship.

Something interesting about me in 10 words:

I am a Sunday school helper and love horror books!

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