Christian Resources - Mothers Day to Pentecost

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ROOTS has made these resources free for everyone.

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Our journey through the secular year

Bringing a Christian voice to secular festivals


A Mother’s Day service (Sunday 6 March)


In this act of worship we explore and celebrate real 21st century motherhood, with a view to supporting and empowering mothers and all people in mothering roles. Three biblical extracts are integrated to weave the sacred into the secular, enabling people to see the Gospels’ relevance in everyday life.

Father's Day (Sunday 19 June)

Fun ideas for an activity session for children, families and young people

Father's Day gives us a great opportunity to explore and celebrate fatherhood and have some fun together. You can use these ideas to organise an event for children and their dads, step-dads or grandads, or for whole families.They include games and craft activities for children, and reflections and prayers for young people.



Holy Week (20 - 26 March)

Daily acts of worship for church or home


The resources lead you, day by day, through the events of Holy Week. Each 'day' recalls a particular event, and is set in the context of worship, music readings, prayers, and a visual focus and responsive action, designed to engage everyone.

Resources for Pentecost (Sunday 15 May)

The day of Pentecost

Suitable for all ages, a dramatic retelling of the events of Pentecost, for two voices.



Simple worship activity for all ages


These ideas are written to engage different ages, spiritual styles and learning preferences in worship, and help everyone to make a personal response to the reading. 

Invite the congregation to join in the actions, and repeat these words after each spoken phrase: Thank you, God, for your ever-present Spirit


(make wave motions with hands)

In the beginning your Spirit hovered over the waters.


(make two fingers on each hand do a walking motion)

Later your Spirit called to Sarah and Abraham to a new journey with you.


(blow as hard as you can)

As time went on your Spirit spoke through the prophet Ezekiel and brought dry bones to life.


(make a beckoning motion)

At the dawn of a new era your Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness.


(create a heart shape with your hands)

Jesus promised that your Spirit would never leave all who love him and keep his commandments.

 Responding to the Bible reading each week


Each week the ROOTS resources offer ideas for activities and participation during worship, helping everyone to make a personal response to the reading. The response activities for 24-30 April 2016 explore Jesus's farewell to his disciples from John's gospel and the giving of a new commandment - to love one another. 


In Adult & All Age, Active worship offers ideas to engage different ages, spiritual styles and learning preferences.


In Children & Young People, it's easy to keep sessions fresh and varied, with a range of different types of activities, games and prayers, which provide plenty of material for both Sunday and midweek. The Explore & respond resources follow the simple format of Do, Make, Pray and Sing.                      

ROOTS resources are published in two magazines - Adult & All Age and Children & Young People, plus a supporting website. If you'd like a free sample magazine, phone 0845 680 5317 or email [email protected] to request a copy. 


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