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Q. What is the difference between a Leader and a Helper?

A. A Registered Leader shows a regular commitment to the CLCGB and their parish church. A Leader can be classed as an officer, and then given rank according to experience and training. The details of a registered leader are held by NHQ who will also provide a DBS check. NHQ along with groups at local level provide regular training for all leaders which ensures the continued development of Leaders and the provision of well trained and supported Leaders for the members.

Within groups (companies) their my be more than one Leader, so the responsibilites are often shared, leaders will have to be able to not only engage the children in their groups but also deal with the administration of the group.

Q. What is a helper?

A. A helper may be a parent or carer who wants to help from time to time without making a firm commitment, they may have skills they can share or just be around to help when the occaision arrives. A helper will be accompanied by a leader and thus supported. Some helpers may wish to take on a little more responsilbility and can become registered helpers, they will be registered at NHQ, and subject to DBS checks, some may wish to attend training and in time progress to become Leaders. Casual helpers can be registered at NHQ to further the protection of the members.

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