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Christian Resource - Palm Prayer Points

Palm prayer points

WHY - to use our hands to remember the story and take it into our lives

Ask the children to raise their hands to show their palms. Ask: ‘What happens when
we put our palms together? It reminds us to pray.’ Say that you are going to remember what
happened on Palm Sunday and see what it reminds us to pray about. After each point, have
a time when the children could pray silently or aloud. You might like to use some of the hand
actions from ‘Bible story with actions and singing’.

Point 1

Jesus told his disciples to find a donkey. (Hand action: point with index finger.)
When Jesus tells us to do something, are we as ready as the disciples to do it? What kind
of things might Jesus tell us? Obey parents, not swear, etc. Use examples that your children
understand and ask the children for suggestions.
Pause for prayer.

Point 2

The disciples found the donkey and brought it to Jesus. (Hand action: thumbs up.)
We can pray for courage and bravery to do to the right thing. You know it’s good to be friendly,
is there someone you are ever unkind to? It would be brave to change the way you behave.
Jesus will help you if you ask him to.
Pause for prayer.

Point 3

Jesus sat on the donkey. (Hand action: lay one hand over the other to indicate the cloaks being laid on the donkey’s back.)
Everyone saw Jesus on the donkey, can people see our good actions, or do we hide them away.
Let’s stand up for Jesus and be seen to do the right things.
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Prayer Letter September

Prayer Letter
September 2017

Dear Prayer Supporter,

We hope that you have had an enjoyable and restful summer, thank you for joining with us in prayer
as we begin another Brigade year.

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord
and put their trust in him” (Psalm 40:3).

Prayer Points:

  • As we embark on another Brigade year please join with us in praying that God will use our organisation to impact on the lives and faith of children throughout the country.
  • Please pray that He would guide and direct us so that the work of our organisation would be pleasing to Him.
  • This month we are thanking God for the opening of St Peter's Company, Drogheda.
  • We pray that He would continue to expand our organisation into the Republic of Ireland.
  • Please pray for the new leaders of this company and for the development team as we support them.
  • Our 2nd Battalion Chaplain, the Reverend Paul McAdam has recently moved to Aghalee Parish, we pray that he and his family would settle in to their new parish and home quickly.
  • Please also pray that leaders would come forward for the new company Reverend McAdam hopes to open in the Parish.
  • Please join with us in praying for two of our leaders from Fivemiletown, Andy and Wendy who tragically lost their eldest daughter, Amanda, at the end of June. We pray that they and the
    whole family circle would know God's comfort and arms around them at this very difficult time.
  • Please pray for Jordan, a leader from Seagoe Boys' company, who has been unwell in hospital and is awaiting further treatment. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors who are treating him
    and strength for him and his family, especially his mother, Margaret, who is also a leader at
  • Please also join with us in praying for Denise, who was a leader in Seagoe boys until she took ill a few years ago. Please remember Denise in your prayers as she is particularly unwell at present.

As our leaders meet in Battalion meetings over the coming weeks please pray for guidance and
direction for the years activities.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the CLCGB

Victoria Jackson

If you have any prayer points which you would like to be included in next months prayer letter please email
me at: [email protected]

Prayer Newsletter February 2017

Dear Prayer Supporter,

“But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the  kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 

Prayer points:

  • Last week I attended a Children’s Ministry Conference where we studied the importance of the above verse and the exciting (sometimes daunting) task we have as leaders of helping our children to “Come to Jesus”. This was a really inspiring time where I was reminded afresh of the how privileged we are to have the opportunity to lead and impact on the lives of our members each week. This month I am so thankful for each of you who works so hard as a leader in the CLCGB every week and is making a difference in the lives of children all over Northern Ireland.
  • Please remember the CLCGB Deputy Governor, Darryl Hewitt who is recovering after a short stay in hospital. We pray for renewed strength and health for him . Please also remember Mrs Hoey, our 1st and 3rd Battalion Chaplain Rev Hoey’s wife, who is currently in hospital.
  • Last week Dobbin Girls’ Company and Grange Company had a very successful trip to London and Buckingham Palace, to receive a Social Action award for their work with the Leprosy Mission. We are so thankful for this fantastic opportunity and that we had a safe and healthy trip. Please pray for the continued work of the Leprosy Mission as they work with those around the world who are affected by Leprosy.
  • Please remember both the 2nd and 4th Battalion Officers meetings in your prayers, that God would guide the decisions made. Please also pray for the 2nd Battalion Fun Morning, that the children would have a fantastic time and for safe travel to the event.
  • This month we look forward to our Regimental Uni-hoc competition, please pray for a great , injury free night for all those who take part .
  • As we look forward to our Training Day later this month please pray for our trainers as they prepare their sessions and for those who will come along , that they will leave feeling equipped and empowered to lead even better in their companies.
  • Most importantly please continue to pray that Jesus’ name would be glorified through the work of the CLCGB and that through our organisation, children and young people would come to know him for the first time.

    Victoria Jackson

    If you have any prayer points which you would like to be included in next months prayer bulletin please email me at: [email protected]

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