Folder Newsupdates


Folder Band Competition 2016

Documents for the National Band Competition 2016

Folder National Athletics and Unihoc Competition 2016

These are the relevant documents to be used to enter the National Athletics and Unihoc Competitions 2016.

Any queries please contact NHQ at

Folder Sports and Hockey Competition

The forms and team sheets for the National Sports and Hockey Competition 2014.


document VJ Day memories questionnaire Popular

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Download (docx, 259 KB)

VJ Day memories - handout.docx

pdf Volunteers Week 2014 Popular

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Download (pdf, 316 KB)


Volunteers Week 2014 resource pack.

default Working Safely Letter Popular

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Download (pdf, 219 KB)

WorkingSafely Letter.pdf

An update to the CLCGB DBS process.

document Young Leaders 2014 questionaire v3 Popular

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Download (doc, 60 KB)

Young Leaders 2014 questionaire v3.doc

Application form to attend the Young Leaders Training programme 2014/5.

pdf Young Leaders Nomination form 2017 Popular

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Download (pdf, 77 KB)

Young Leaders Nomination form 2017 v2.pdf

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