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Brigade email addresses

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We are now offering each company a CLCGB email address (

This is part of our corporate branding for the national organisation, to ensure that we use the same branding across the UK.  These email addresses can be published on your own company websites, facebook, twitter etc.  This reduces the need to use your own personal email address for official Brigade correspondence.

To roll out we are starting with offering each Company Commander an email address for their Company, then we are looking at giving leaders email addresses.  These email addresses are completely free, and private, as long as your company capitation fees are upto date.

We are also looking at other opportunities with webspace available for Company pages as part of the national website coming in Spring 2014.

To order an official account you will need to be the Company Commander of your Company, with your company number and personal email address and visit the following page in Brigade Stores

If you have any queries please contact NHQ.



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