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Martin Lambourne Retirement presentation

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Martin LambourneAt the National Band Competition in May we said farewell and thank you to Martin Lambourne for his time as honorary Brigade Secretary, in presenting Martin with a departing gift and a good round of applause, in appreciation of all his hard work and devotion to the Brigade in his time as honorary Brigade Secretary. (Pictured below, Martin been presented gifts on behalf of the Brigade from the Brigade's honorary treasurer Mr John Smith and deputy governor Mrs Liz Butterfield).

Martin came out of retirement on a voluntary basis to cover the Brigade Secretary role following the departure of Alan Millward. Martin has given his time freely and amongst his achievements he has helped set a future and vision for the Brigade to continue for another generation, with involving other leaders within the Brigade to grow the Brigade. Martin now hands over the reigns to Audrey Simm who has taken on the role as Chief Executive Officer.  

We wish Martin and his wife Jenny, along with Buzz their springer spaniel dog a happy and long retirement.

Martin Lambourne Presentation



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