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CLCGB Calendar
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National Band Weekend Dates

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This years Band weekend dates are:

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th September

Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th October - this weekend will start at 12.30pm on the Saturday due to the open day at Smallwood

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th December

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th February

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th March

May - TBC dependant on concert venue


The September band weekend will also host the meeting for any bandmasters.  Please get in touch with Martyn Bedder if you would like more details about this.


We welcome new members on any band weekend.  You do not need to have a company band to send members to National Band - perhaps you have a trumpeter lurking in your JTC?! If you are interested in sending members to National Band please get in touch with Sue Hedges - [email protected] or [email protected] for more details.  More promotional material will be sent out in due course - it would be fantastic if you could advertise and promote us to your members as much as possible.


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