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National Citizen Service

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Our partners at JLGB have invited us to get involved with their award winning, unique and special faith-sensitive "National Citizen Service" programme.

NCS is a government initiative being rolled out to every 16 and 17 year old for which the JLGB has campaigned for several years to ensure that a faith and culturally sensitive model exists for young people of faith based communities.

In addition to this, the very nature of bringing together young people from different faith backgrounds, and of none, to learn from each other and to work together on local social action projects couldn't be more important at this time.

With 100 free places on offer, there are just 30 places left for young people in school years 11/12 (ages 15-17) across Greater London. These places are on offer to CLCGB.

The programme takes place over three weeks this Summer (10th – 28th August 2015).

Time is of the essence, so if you’re interested, please email [email protected] for more information. Young people can register directly at

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