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Youth United Newsletter June 2016

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The latest edition of Youth United's Newsletter is now available below.

Dear all,

I’m delighted to welcome you all to our June newsletter. It’s only been a few short weeks since our last newsletter when, as well as introducing you to some new faces here at Youth United and reflecting on the ways that Youth United groups contributed to Mental Health Awareness Week, I also anticipated a long and sun-drenched summer. Just as my weather predictions have proved flawed, so too have the expectations of many political commentators in the last few days. The Brexit vote on 23 June and the subsequent political changes will have ramifications for the youth sector in the weeks and months to come. It is good, then, to be able to continue to highlight some of the exciting achievements of uniformed youth groups and the ways in which they empower young people for the future.

Our first article this month celebrates the Volunteer Police Cadets social action activities and their remarkable success in delivering on their #iwill pledge of recruiting 10,000 new young cadets four years ahead of its target date.   The new Combined Cadet Forceunit at South Downs College provides a shining example of how young people can make a meaningful difference to their local communities. What they have achieved since the unit was established, with support from Youth United among others, underlines the value of the work of those who strive to sustain and expand uniformed youth activities.

We’re also taking the opportunity introduce you to two new Trustees who have joined Youth United in recently. Tina Hallett, a partner at PwC leading on Government and Public Sector business, joined the Board in March; and Julian Barrell, a former Director of Fundraising at The Prince’s Trust with many years of experience in leading charity fundraising especially in the youth sector, joined in April. Their enthusiasm and the skills they bring stand us in good stead to continue to support our network organisations.

And finally, we are recruiting for an Executive and Communications Assistant (applications close 15 July). Please do take a look if you’re interested or spread the word among your colleagues and contacts.

With very best wishes,


Volunteer Police Cadets celebrate increasing youth social action opportunities

Volunteer Police Cadets has successfully opened new units across the UK and helped provide young people with the opportunity to partake in diverse and meaningful youth social action.



Youth United Foundation welcomes two new trustees

The Youth United Foundation is delighted to welcome the appointment of two new trustees to the board: Tina Hallett and Julian Barrell.



UYSAF-funded Combined Cadet Force unit supports local communityUYSAF-funded Combined Cadet Force unit supports local community

A newly formed Combined Cadet Force in South Downs College has undertaken fundraising activities to support the local community.



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