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The Shack from Damaris

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Damaris are delighted to announce that their church discussion booklet for upcoming movie The Shack is now available. They also have seats available at a handful of previews for the film next week (see below for more info).

You can download the booklet from the film's official site (, or you can reply to this email to order printed copies.

The Shack's powerful story has already transformed millions of lives around the world, and the film is set to ignite a fresh conversation around themes of faith and suffering.

There are still a few places at our special preview screenings of The Shack next week (details below) and we'd love you to attend one of them. Please email [email protected] to quickly reserve your place since spaces are filling up - and let us know how many seats you would like. 

  • Monday 22nd May, Birmingham 6.30pm screening followed by Q&A with director Stuart Hazeldine
  • Tuesday 23rd May, Manchester 6.30pm screening followed by Q&A with director Stuart Hazeldine
  • Wednesday 24th May, Edinburgh 6.30pm screening 
  • Wednesday 24th May, London 2.30pm drinks for 3pm screening followed by Q&A with author Wm Paul Young and director Stuart Hazeldine [spaces strictly limited].


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