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for 10 to 13 year olds

JCT Logo Activities for 10-13 year olds Jump to the Challenge is the motto for this energetic age group which is exploring a whole new world of opportunity as they sit on the verge of adolescence.

Their needs are addressed through an ongoing varied programme of challenges which help them to explore their own personal developmental needs as well as the people and places around them.

Members have their own handbook in which they can find ideas and information as well as keeping a record of their own achievements and activities and their progress through the Awards system.

A Balanced and flexible programme covers four areas:

  • BELIEVING - explores the Christian faith with stories, puzzles, games and talking points to help them relate to everyday life
  • BELONGING - considers their place within our local and worldwide community, caring for the environment and finding out about the lives and needs of others.
  • BUILDING - develops skills, creativity and craftmanship in many fields
  • BEING - helps them to grow up into a healthy and fulfilling adulthood

 To register your child please complete the online form found by clicking here.

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