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December 2016

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A Tribute to the Founder of the CLB

A Tribute Paid to Founder of the CLB The year 2016 held three significant anniversaries for the CLCGB, the 125th Anniversary of its original formation in 1891 and the centenaries of the Batt... read more..

Marketing, Communications and Media policy statement

CLCGB policies The CLCGB policies and related statements provide a structure in which makes our companies a safe place, are consistent across the CLCGB and in accordance with legislation. Policies mu... read more..

#iwill campaign

This great 90 second animation about how the #iwill campaign is bringing together a wide range of partners to enable young people make a positive difference through social action. read more..

Working towards a Youth Social Action Quality Mark

We have had this video shared with us and we think it maybe useful for our companies.  ... read more..

CLCGB Young Leaders Interviewed

 We have been interviewing our Young Leaders about the CLCGB and what the CLCGB Young Leaders training course means to them.  Have a look, you may recognise some of these faces. ... read more..

Christmas Greetings from the Governor

Could I wish the officers and staff at NHQ and also the whole Brigade family a very happy Christmas and exciting New Year.  Sincere thanks to all our officers and helpers for all your hard wo read more..

Kingswood - Assessment days running in January for Apprentice Activity Leader roles

Kingswood is one of the most experienced providers of outdoor education in the UK. We are now hiring for our government funded Activity Leader Apprentice roles, due to start in February 2017. Our Act... read more..

A Tribute to the life of Ken Siddons RIP

A Tribute to the Life of Ken Siddons RIP 1924 - 1916 Ken Siddons was born on 18th March 1924 and passed away in Milton Keynes Hospital on 22nd November 2016 after a short illness. He was a... read more..

DofE ITV Documentary

As DofE prepare for the grand finale event at Buckingham Palace, they are delighted to share the news that the ITV documentary about there patron will be shown on Monday. We hope you get the read more..

Heartbeat - Young people as the centre and future of CLCGB’ Questionnaire

Young people are the centre and future of the CLCGB, and to move forward we would welcome your views and opinions for the future of the CLCGB. We have devised a quick questionnaire as your v... read more..

Do you know a child who has been extra nice this year?

This festive season, Kingsley the Kingswood squirrel has been taking some lessons from Santa and has started his own nice list. At Kingswood, we love celebrating kindness so we'd like to reward every... read more..

Games - Guess the corner

Guess the corner * Pick on person from the class to be the caller. They have to be blindfolded, or close their eyes. * Name the four corners of the hall / playground (the names can be anything, e.g.... read more..

Games - Frogs stuck in the mud

Frogs stuck in the mud Kids squat down and have to jump like frogs. Get two people to be 'it' and they should work together to get everyone stuck in the mud by touching them. Nobody can run or get u... read more..

Games - Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips The game is a short warm-up idea which is fun and simple. It's called 'Fish and Chips'. The children stand along a marked line in the centre of the hall/playground. This line is calle... read more..

Christmas Prayer Bulletin 2016

Prayer Bulletin Dear Prayer Supporter, Prayer points: As we look back over 2016 we thank God for all of His faithfulness to the work of the CLCGB, for the ways He has answered so many of our prayers... read more..

Christian Resources: Advent resources

ROOTS have recently published some great resources that companies can use.  Countdown to Christmas: Advent calendar Advent drama Special prayers for Christmas   Promotional material     read more..

Fantastic Opportunity at Kingswood for you

Join our nice list for the chance to win a trip for your class or group! Kingswood This festive season, Kingsley the Kingswood squirrel has been taking some lessons from Santa and has started his own... read more..

St Mary's Atherstone CLCGB Press Release

Our latest press release from today's (December 1st 2016) Tamworth Herald page 24, sharing the 125th Anniversary of the Brigade. Congratulations to Margaret Anne-Wilkins and all who put on a splend read more..

Ken Siddons RIP

It is with deepest sympathy to report that upon opening our first Christmas Card of the year this morning it was with great sadness that we have discovered it had been sent posthumously on be read more..

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