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January 2013

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NCVYS young facilitators

Young Facilitators recruited to work on national project The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) have offered Nine young people as Young Facilitators across England a part-time, pai... read more..

Working with young people course

Matt Smith a Brigade Officeer at St Andrews Litherland is running a two day training package, mainly fun and exciting learning methods, about working with young people. We cover a r... read more..

NE Camp Newsletter 1

North East Camp have recently published their first newsletter to download a copy click on the link to the right.  default  NE Camp Newsletter 1 (675.47 kB) In this edition: ... read more..

D of E Choosing your level

Bronze (14+ years old) To achieve your Bronze Award, you need to complete the following sections: Volunteering   Physical  Skills  Expedition  3 months 3 mont... read more..

D of E Why do DofE

Good question! Because, from the first day to the last it’s a real adventure.  Every section gives you something different - that's the fun of it! You’ll enjoy loads of new experiences, discover... read more..

D of E What we do

Adventure from beginning to end The DofE programme is a real adventure from beginning to end.  The Church Lads' & Church Girls' Brigade offer the DofE in various areas of the country.  ... read more..

New recruit terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of a new recruit By cicking Submit I consent to my child joining The Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade, and I promise to help him/her to keep all the rules of the Company. I... read more..

D of E CLCGB booklet

We have recently published a new Duke of Edinburgh's (D of E) booklet, "A guide to running Dof E programmes in The Church Lads’ & Church Girls’ Brigade". This booklet gives further informatio... read more..

NF2 Holiday/Camp helpers nomination form

We have published a revised NF2 form (Holiday/Camp helpers nomination form).  This form must be completed by adults attending Brigade camps/holidays who are not Officers, Warrant Office... read more..

D of E Courses NW Jan 2013

The latest list of D of E courses for the North West are now available on-line.  To access the latest courses and dates click the following link.   default  D of E Latest courses Jan 2013 ... read more..

Belle Isle Leeds donation to local hospice

Belle Isle Company in Leeds recent held a nativity play on 23rd December and Raised £80 for Martin House Hospice in West Yorkshire. A very well done to everyone involved and who went along to see the ... read more..

Congratulations Hazel Dines - local unsung hero award

Hazel Dines the Commanding Officer at Brightlingsea has been honoured in a local award scheme for unsung community hero's across Tendring. The following article was published on th... read more..

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