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Help Wanted - Memorials CLCGB

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The first is the Memorial mace of Lancaster Battalion which was dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Albert Powell of St. Andrew’s Heysham Company and is now laid up in St. Matthew’s Preston.                  

The mace was dedicated by the Bishop of Blackburn on the 28th June 1970.

The second is in St. Peter’s Church, Chorley and is dedicated to the Brigades 100 years of service in the Parish.

The third is in St. Anne’s Parish Eastville, Greenbank, Bristol and is dedicated to members of the company who lost their lives in the 1st World War, and was supplied by the vicar of St. Anne’s, the Revd Jane Hayward.

The fourth show’s the old colours of the Lancaster Battalion, and St. Matthew’s Company, Preston in St. Matthew’s church.


If anybody could help with details or photographs of any sort of Brigade memorial, Graham would be very grateful, if you could send them to him at [email protected]

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