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Cenotaph Parade 2016

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With the 125th anniversary of the brigade, on November 11th 2016 along with the significance of the High Wood commemoration this year, I have been able to secure 60 passes from the Royal British Legion for CLCGB to attend the Cenotaph Parade in London, this is a massive honour and the most tickets the organisation has received in many years, it is an opportunity to commemorate the 50,000 CLB members that enlisted in the armed forces.

A fantastic opportunity for leaders and members to be a part of the Cenotaph Parade in London

The 16th and 19th Battalions Kings Royal Rifle Corps were made up entirely of CLB personnel. The 16th battalion and endured devastating yet gallant conflict in the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. The call to arms saw more Brigade involvement during the Second World war and it continues to this day with former Brigade members serving in Afghanistan. Brigade members past and present have given or continue to give service in the quest of lasting Pease.

We are looking for 60 members to attend the commemoration parade on Sunday 13th November 2016, these tickets will be split between the Newly formed Regional areas of –

Midlands, North East, North West, London South and Northern Ireland (12 tickets per region)

The allocation will be on a first come first served basis and must be received by the 9th September 2016, the following information is required: name, address, age, company details these must match the BMS data

Once this date is received Headquarters will confirm availability – please note these tickets are non-transferrable as tickets will be printed with individual participant’s name and can’t be replaced so please ensure your details are correct and that you can attend the event.

Photo ID will be required to access the event so any one submitting incorrect details will not gain access to the Parade.

We are looking at using the Premier Inn at Borehamwood, a short train and underground ride into London, I am currently looking at prices and will forward details of group accommodation charges as soon as these are available.


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