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Folder Band Competition 2016

Documents for the National Band Competition 2016

Folder National Athletics and Unihoc Competition 2016

These are the relevant documents to be used to enter the National Athletics and Unihoc Competitions 2016.

Any queries please contact NHQ at

Folder Sports and Hockey Competition

The forms and team sheets for the National Sports and Hockey Competition 2014.


pdf CLCGB Music and Drill Debrief Minutes 2017 Popular

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Download (pdf, 387 KB)

CLCGB Music and Drill - Debrief Minutes 2017.pdf

The minutes of the debriefing meeting of the CLCGB Music and Drill Competition.

pdf CLCGB Music Conference 2015 Popular

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Download (pdf, 96 KB)

Agenda CLCGB Music Conference 2015.pdf

The Agenda for the CLCGB Music Conference can be downloaded here.

document CLCGB RC Bid Outline and Questionnaire 2016 Popular

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Download (docx, 221 KB)

CLCGB RC Bid Outline and Questionnaire 2016.docx

CLCGB December 2016 Questionnaire

pdf CMN Nominations Form November 2017 Popular

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Download (pdf, 212 KB)

CMN Nominations Form November 2017.pdf

pdf Create your own CF Editable A4 Certificate A4 Popular

By 348 downloads

Download (pdf, 642 KB)

Create your own Editable A4 Certificate A4.pdf

default D of E Leaflet Popular

By 1325 downloads

Download (pdf, 3.65 MB)


A guide to running Dof E programmes in The Church Lads’ & Church Girls’ Brigade booklet.

pdf Denham 2019 Lets Get Started Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.14 MB)

Denham 2019 Lets Get Started.pdf

Denham 2019 weekend Lets Get Started presentation and more information about the weekend.

document Denham interest Form Popular

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Download (docx, 50 KB)

Denham interest Form.docx

Denham interest form 2019

pdf DofE Diamond Challenge Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.40 MB)

DofE Diamond Challenge.pdf

DofE Diamond Challenge - To get more information go to

pdf DofE Enhancing the expedition section workshop day Popular

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Download (pdf, 373 KB)

IOL East andDofE.Oct.2014.pdf

DofE Enhancing the expedition section workshop day

pdf DofE Gold NB Resi INFORMATION Popular

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Download (pdf, 18.39 MB)


DofE Gold Opportunity Information

default DofE Residential opportunity 2013 Popular

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Download (pdf, 219 KB)

DofE Residential Opportunity 2013.pdf

NEW 2013 Gold Residential Opportunity through the Conway Centre

The Conway Centre’s Outdoor Education Service have a new opportunity available for GOLD participants to be able to complete their Residential section.

document EGM Agenda March 2015 Popular

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Download (docx, 92 KB)

EGM Agenda 140315.docx

The CLCGB Extroidinary General Meeting Agenda

The Annual General Meeting of The Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade, is to be held at Merseyside Play Action Council, 1-27 Bridport Street, Liverpool, L3 5QF.

default Front page of annual returns 2013 Popular

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Download (doc, 53 KB)

New Annual Returns form 2013.doc

Front page of annual returns 2013

document Garden Party Nomination Form Popular

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Download (doc, 225 KB)

Garden Party Nomination Form.doc

pdf General Catalyst Flyer Popular

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Download (pdf, 264 KB)


default How to login to the online forum Popular

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Download (pdf, 663 KB)

How to log into the Brigade e forum.pdf

Instructions on how to log into the online forum.

pdf Interfaith NCS Poster Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.29 MB)

Interfaith NCS Poster.pdf

default Interfaith Weekend 2013 Popular

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Download (doc, 1 MB)

JLGB and CLCGB Leaders Interfaith Weekend 2013 -3.doc

Information document for the Interfaith Leaders' Weekend 2013.

pdf Jim Ward's funeral Order of Service Booklet Popular

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Download (pdf, 610 KB)

Jim Ward's funeral booklet with hymns.pdf

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